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May 6, 2024

Opinions. Everyone has one, and many don't hesitate to share their perspective on your life with you. Often, it's not meant to be malicious, but I'll tell you here what effect opinions should have on me and my life.


Passport application abroad - how, where, what?

April 24, 2024

Your passport is expiring, and you're traveling? That's exactly what happened to me. In this post, I'll explain what you need to consider when you have to apply for a passport abroad


Little Blue Lunchbox Recipes for On the Go: Loaded Sandwich with Moroccan Chickpeas

April 14, 2024

Are you serching for the easiest and fastet slow food? This is it!


Water Filtration On the Go: UV Light as an Effective Solution

April 7, 2024

Filtering water with light? Yes, it's possible! In this article, we'll tell you about our latest renovation measure and explain how it actually works.


Our DIY Water System

March 24, 2024

Nearly two years ago, we transitioned from simple 5-liter jerry cans with spouts to a "real" water system. As often happens, we couldn't find a pre-made system that suited us and fit into our concept. In our T4, we have very little space, everything must be maximized to the centimeter. In this article, we now present our water system and provide ideas if you are planning something similar.


eTA and Canada Visum extension

March 10, 2024

In this article, you will learn how uncomplicated it is to enter Canada and how you can extend your stay if, like me, you are enchanted by the beauty of the country. With a step-by-step guide and practical tips on applying for the Electronic Travel Authority (eTA) and the Visitor Record, I invite you to be inspired and embark on the adventure of Canada!


A glimpse into the future

January 20, 2024

Yes, I know, this post is a bit late, but as the saying goes: Better late than never! We hope you all have started the new year healthy and full of anticipation. It's time for us to take a little glimpse into the future and share our plans and adventures with you. What will this year look like for us, where are we headed, and where will we likely celebrate New Year's Eve in 2025? You'll find out here.


Your own Sourdoug Starter

January 7, 2024

Last month we showed you how to easily make your own sourdough bread. But you don't have a starter? No problem, here we show you how to make your own sourdough starter!


2023 – A Year of Transformations

December 31, 2023

Ein Jahr das uns 365 Tage und Rund 10.000 km weiter getragen hat. Zwölf Monate voller unvergesslicher Momente und intensiver Veränderungen denn wir haben uns von Europa verabschiedet. Aber lest selbst. Vor genau 365 Tagen waren wir noch auf Kreta, koordinatenmäßig verortet bei N35°13'52.0 E24°24'07.5...


Is Long-Term traveling right for me?

December 10, 2023

Traveling, exploring the world, and considering it your "normal life." For many, it's a dream. We've been fortunate to lead this life for 2 1/2 years, but is it really as fantastic as one imagines? We'll enlighten you and present both the advantages and disadvantages of this life of travel.


Three Steps to Sourdough Bread!

December 3, 2023

We used to bake our own bread even before our journey. Baking on the road in a van, especially without a fridge, can be challenging. Now, in our winter abode, we have an oven again, and our dear neighbors got us a sourdough starter! Find out how you can easily bake your own bread here!


About Birthdays

November 26, 2023

Nearly three years on the road also means three birthdays on the road. Last week marked Georg's third birthday that we didn't "celebrate" in Germany. In honor of Georg's birthday, let's take a little journey through time...


Winter Vanlife on the Canarian Islands

November 12, 2023

Den ersten Winter haben wir auf den Kanarischen Inseln verbracht. Hier findest du Nützliche Infromationen über die Inseln und unsere persönlichen Highlight der Inseln.


Vanfood- Spagetti Bolognese (vegan)

November 4, 2023

Sometimes you need a comfort food because even in van life, there are bad days. For me, it's spaghetti Bolognese! Today, I'm sharing this recipe with you and I'll reveal how I cook efficiently in my van.


QUEST - Our Van - Our Home

October 29, 2023

Today, we'd like to share some key details about our faithful companion and our home with you. We'll also explain why we chose this model in the first place and whether we would do it the same way again.


Plans for the Winter

October 22, 2023

In the past years, we have crossed Europe on our journey with our Quest and experienced numerous adventures. Since May 2021, our home on four wheels has been our constant companion, taking us through different countries. On this journey, we have encountered many climatic challenges, always adapting to the temperatures and avoiding winter. But now, in Canada, we feel the approach of winter and our plans for the coming season are taking shape. In this article, we would like to share with you our experiences and thoughts regarding the upcoming winter months in Canada.



October 15, 2023

We can no longer deny it, summer is over. All the more reason to recap the summer and express gratitude for the little and big things. Here you will find my top 5 summer stories from our summer of 2023


Little Blue Lunchbox Recipes for On the Go: Cinnamon Rolls

October 8, 2023

Rain, darkness, and a craving for cake, but no desire for the hassle of long dough preparation? Then here's Jo's quick and easy recipe for cinnamon rolls. With delicious cinnamon and sugar, perfect for autumn and winter, and moreover, easy to bake. It works both in the van and at home!


Our Journey - Part II

October 1, 2023

We divide our trip, or rather the routes we drove into parts. This is how it turned out. Here you can find the second part of our trip with the countries and special destinations we visited.


How to surf? - 3 Tips for Surf Beginners

September 24, 2023

Ready to catch some waves but not sure where to start? In December 2021, I spontaneously enrolled in a surf school, and here are my top 3 takeaways from the experience!


Welcome to "How to America": Your Guide to the Ultimate Camping Adventure in North America

September 17, 2023

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable camping adventure in North America with your own vehicle? We've compiled this guide based on our own experiences to help you make your dream a reality. Here, you'll learn everything from vehicle preparation to shipping, from flight bookings to visa requirements and insurance matters. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!


Our Journey - Part I

September 10, 2023

We divide our trip, or rather the routes we drove into parts. This is how it turned out. Here you can find the first part of our trip with the countries and special destinations we visited.


Get Away! Where to Go in Winter

September 3, 2023

Escaping the winter - instead of cold and wet, opting for sun, sea, and warmth. But where can you find that in Europe? We spent two years traveling through Europe, evading the gray winter in Germany. We'll tell you where we went and what you should consider.


Cooking Delight on Wheels

August 27, 2023

Are there other ways to cook in a van besides using gas? The answer is YES! In this article, we introduce our version of the cooker and everything that goes with it.


To the highest mountain in Germany - with a dog!

August 20, 2023

The Zugspitze, with its 2,942 meters, is the highest mountain in Germany. Can one hike it with a dog? There are 2,400 meters of altitude to cover over a distance of 23 km. The entire hike takes about 10 hours. Yes, it is possible to hike this mountain with a dog. We will tell you how we did it in this article.


DIY Dog Crates

August 13, 2023

Using dog crates has many advantages that we didn't fully consider at the beginning of our journey. In this article, we would like to provide a glimpse into why we have a fixed dog crate in the car, how we built it, and why we wouldn't want to be without it anymore.


Your packing list for a multiday Canoe-Tour

August 6, 2023

You are planning an exciting multi-day canoe trip and want to make sure you have everything covered? Perhaps it's also your first multi-day trip with your furry companion, and you want to ensure you haven't forgotten anything? Don't worry, with our practical packing list, you can prepare yourself optimally. By the way, this list is also perfect for planning your next hiking adventure!


In the Wild - Multi-Day Canoe Tour

July 30, 2023

Embark on an exciting adventure - several days alone in the wilderness! Camping with a tent is already cool, but with a canoe, it becomes something truly extraordinary. Discover here how we had this unforgettable experience, enriched with valuable tips and tricks for your own adventure. Let yourself be inspired and find out where and, most importantly, how you can experience this captivating journey.


Flashback: 10 things we learned about Sweden!

July 23, 2023

Sweden wasn't just our first destination, but also one of the most relaxed countries we've visited in Europe. Sweden is characterized by its forests, lakes, and rivers, the midnight sun, mosquitoes and moose, Midsummer celebrations, and cinnamon rolls with cardamom. Sweden has become so much to us, but above all, it's a summer fairy tale that still feels that way even in retrospect. To give you a glimpse into this beautiful country, we present to you the 10 things we've learned in Sweden.


How to travel with your own Van to America!

July 16, 2023

Those who dream of traveling to America with their own camper will find numerous blog posts on the internet. We also did a lot of research before our trip and acquired a wealth of knowledge. In our post, you will find not only general information but also everything we have gathered, including the current prices for shipping to America and a detailed schedule. Planning is everything when it comes to this endeavor.


Volunteering and travelling the world

July 2, 2023

We wanted to help voluntarily already in Hamburg, but there it was not so easy. Funny thing, but there are far too many dog walkers there. The situation is different in animal welfare organizations abroad. Here there is often a lack of helping hands. In the animal shelter Arche Noha in Tenerife we had the first time actively accepted a volunteer position and it was the best start we could have wished for! Here you can find out how and why we became active in animal welfare, how you might find a suitable organization and how Nelly came to us.


Starlink DC-powered, space and power saving RV install!

June 25, 2023

It's a gamechanger: Thanks to Starlink you can be almost everywhere and have so good internet to be able to decently work, game or stream more than without problems. But there are contractual and technical limitations. Besides Geolocks, there is no official support for operation without an inverter or your own router. For us, it would be the first device that requires an inverter. This and the clunky original router would unnecessarily consume space and energy in our small T4. We solved these problems and found a setup that works perfectly for us. If this setup would be something for you, you can read in this article.


Street dog found: What to do?

May 15, 2023

Have you ever found a street dog abroad and wondered how you can help it? This guide for animal-loving travelers will give you some useful tips on how to help street dogs, even if you are not an expert. After all, not every dog running around without a collar is a stray. There are always ways to help, such as giving food and water or helping him with injuries. If you want to learn more about it, read this article and show your compassion towards animals.