A glimpse into the future

Yes, I know, this post is a bit late, but as the saying goes: Better late than never! We hope you all have started the new year healthy and full of anticipation. It's time for us to take a little glimpse into the future and share our plans and adventures with you. What will this year look like for us, where are we headed, and where will we likely celebrate New Year's Eve in 2025? You'll find out here.

The four of us at the fireplace in front of the little house where we are spending the winter of 2024.

The Van Overhaul: To-Do List

The year kicks off for us with a list of things we want to tackle - and honestly, to-do lists are not exactly our favorite. At the top is the overhaul of some elements of our faithful companion, the van. In particular, our water system needs a major revamp. Unfortunately, last summer our water pump let us down, and we had to replace it hastily in a Walmart parking lot. Since then, the entire system hasn’t been running as smoothly as before. Therefore, we plan to switch from a suction pump to a submersible pump.

Our curtains also demand an upgrade because, in a moment of enthusiasm, I washed them too hot, and now they are unfortunately too small. New ones are needed. However, this time I’ll have to sew them without the help of a sewing machine, as I simply don’t have one. The process will take a bit longer than the first time.

Personal Resolutions - A Fresh Start

“New Year’s resolutions” may have fallen out of fashion in recent years, but their intentions are undeniably good. Georg and I have adopted a more lenient approach to “resolutions,” not taking them too seriously but giving them some weight at the beginning of the year. If, eventually, they lose their significance, it’s okay, but at least we’ve stuck with them for a while.

The Website

Changes are on the horizon for our website. A new layout is ready to roll, and hopefully, we can soon unveil the website in its new splendor. Stay tuned for the exciting updates.

The Book

I am currently in the process of writing a book. Since October, I’ve been distilling all our experiences and adventures, aiming to finish it by the end of March. So far, it’s progressing well - 300 pages are completed, and I have 4 chapters ahead of me. Afterward, I’ll undoubtedly revise the whole thing multiple times, and as for when, where, and if I’ll publish it, honestly, I’m not sure. But my personal goal is to complete the writing first.

Sugar-Free Journey

Georg is far more disciplined in this regard than I am. Since mid-December, he has cut out all refined sugar - meaning no cakes, cookies, or chocolate. It’s doing wonders for him, and that’s what matters most. I’ve decided to use the fasting period to also abstain from sugar, following his lead. Whether I continue this after the fast, I’ll have to wait and see. Living without chocolate is possible for me, but somehow it feels senseless.


Georg and I are caught up in the fitness craze. We dedicate time every day to training, and it feels darn good. My goal is to continue this routine during our travels, although maintaining a workout routine while on the road is not always straightforward. Sometimes it’s the space where we park, the lack of water for a shower, or the weather that disrupts the routine. However, routine doesn’t necessarily mean working out every day. Currently, in our house, things are going well, and if it ends up being 4 times a week instead of 7, it’s not a big deal.

January - March 2024 and a Revelation

Until March, we will still be residing in our little house in Manitoba. Although we enjoy it here, we’ve realized that complete seclusion doesn’t bring the fulfillment we had hoped for. An experiment that showed us a cabin in the middle of nowhere is not necessarily the optimal home base. As the saying goes: Every experience makes us richer, and who knows where this realization will ultimately lead us.

Our Travel Route 2024

Now that we’ve revealed our little secret, let’s continue with our travel route. Although we haven’t set a clear route with all the points and destinations, the rough plan takes us through the West of Canada: Calgary, the Rocky Mountains, and of course, Vancouver Island. I’m looking forward to celebrating my birthday there. Afterward, the USA is on the agenda, with six months (thanks to a B2 visa) for exploration. Specific destinations are not yet known, but we will likely focus on the Western United States. We might spend Christmas in Mexico and welcome the New Year on the beach under the shining sun - at least that’s the plan, as everything is still open for us.

We are as curious as you are about what this year holds for us!

So, in this spirit, warm greetings to all of you out there!

Yours, Jo