The Quest at the Coast of Crete in Greece. Jo, Georg, Momo and Nelly sitting next to it on the Beach.

Those who do not change direction, end up where the path leads.

Welcome to our journey!

We are Jo, Georg, Momo, and our newest member: Nelly. Together, we explore the world: it all started almost two years ago in Sweden, where we went on a seven-month sabbatical in our unfinished bus. Since then, we have embarked on an incredible journey and have had many adventures. The best part is: we are still on the road! We invite you to join us on our journey, as there is still room for you in our little bus. Get ready to discover the world with us!

Who we are

Jo's profile.


I am a passionate globetrotter. Born in Berlin, raised in Hamburg, and always with wanderlust in my heart. My urge to explore the world was significantly influenced by my mother. So, thank you, Mom!

At the age of 14, she signed me up for a youth trip to England. Initially, I wasn’t thrilled about being away from my friends. But from that moment on, I felt the irresistible allure of distant places.

I am an enthusiastic crafter and always carry my knitting needles during our travels. One of my biggest wishes is to take a pottery class at the wheel. In Hamburg, those classes were always fully booked, so I turned to jewelry making as a hobby instead.

Through my studies in biology, I fell in love with the world of plants (alongside Georg, Momo, and Nelly). For a long time, I worked in molecular biology, contributing to the development of rapid diagnostic tests for various diseases.

When I celebrated my 33rd birthday, a switch flipped in me. A career and working over 40 hours a week? Seeing the world for just six weeks a year? That was no longer enough for me. That’s when the desire for change arose. I not only gave up my wonderful, affordable apartment in Hamburg St. Pauli but also my job. It was time to embark on new paths and live my true passion for traveling.

Georg's profile.


I hail from the beautiful region of Franconia. Many people notice my accent, especially because it doesn’t match my Hamburg license plate. No one rolls the “R” as beautifully as a Franconian!

I am one of the fortunate individuals who have turned their profession into their passion. I can sit in front of my computer for hours, “crafting” away, even though Jo argues that it has nothing to do with traditional crafting.

Besides crafting, physical activity is essential to me. Everything needs balance. As a child, when I became too fidgety, my mother would send me for a run around the garage. Later on, it evolved into practicing disciplines such as Taekwondo, Aikido, Pole Dance, and Capoeira.

During our travels, I have developed my own exercise routine that works perfectly for me, allowing me to recharge.

At some point, it dawned on me that we shouldn’t wait to see the world but rather seize the opportunity while we still can. Too often, “someday” turns into “never.”

Momo's profile.


When I was just 10 months old, Georg and Jo visited me at the shelter. They came every day until I was finally able to go with them. Before that, I hadn’t seen much of the world.

Now I go by the name Momo, but I have many other nicknames. For example, Stinkerbell, Nubby, Momobear, or sensitive softie.

I absolutely love playing and can never get enough of it. Whether it’s Frisbee, ball, sticks, or blades of grass, I’m up for anything.

Cuddling isn’t really my thing, except when it gets dark outside and no one is watching – and of course, only with my pack.

I had to learn a bit about traveling. The world is so big, and there’s always something new to discover. That initially scared me a little. But what I love most of all is the sea, or more specifically, the sand in front of it. I can run around on it so freely and joyfully!

Nelly's profile.


I may be small, but Oh Ho! My short legs may not allow me to jump as far as others, but I don’t need to. I simply make lots of small jumps.

I was born in Tenerife, so I’m a true Spaniard! Together with my siblings, I came into this world at a shelter. However, because of my slightly crooked legs, nobody wanted to adopt me, and so I was passed from one dog group to another.

But that’s okay because it gave me the opportunity to meet many different dog friends, and I get along well with almost every dog. Then Jo came along, and she liked me, and I liked her too. That’s why I’m now part of her pack and a true travel dog.

By the way, my crooked legs don’t bother me at all. They are just the way they are!