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October 15, 2023

We can no longer deny it, summer is over. All the more reason to recap the summer and express gratitude for the little and big things. Here you will find my top 5 summer stories from our summer of 2023


To the highest mountain in Germany - with a dog!

August 20, 2023

The Zugspitze, with its 2,942 meters, is the highest mountain in Germany. Can one hike it with a dog? There are 2,400 meters of altitude to cover over a distance of 23 km. The entire hike takes about 10 hours. Yes, it is possible to hike this mountain with a dog. We will tell you how we did it in this article.


Your packing list for a multiday Canoe-Tour

August 6, 2023

You are planning an exciting multi-day canoe trip and want to make sure you have everything covered? Perhaps it's also your first multi-day trip with your furry companion, and you want to ensure you haven't forgotten anything? Don't worry, with our practical packing list, you can prepare yourself optimally. By the way, this list is also perfect for planning your next hiking adventure!


In the Wild - Multi-Day Canoe Tour

July 30, 2023

Embark on an exciting adventure - several days alone in the wilderness! Camping with a tent is already cool, but with a canoe, it becomes something truly extraordinary. Discover here how we had this unforgettable experience, enriched with valuable tips and tricks for your own adventure. Let yourself be inspired and find out where and, most importantly, how you can experience this captivating journey.