Three Steps to Sourdough Bread!

We used to bake our own bread even before our journey. Baking on the road in a van, especially without a fridge, can be challenging. Now, in our winter abode, we have an oven again, and our dear neighbors got us a sourdough starter! Find out how you can easily bake your own bread here!

Two loafs of unbaked sourdough bread on a baking tray.

Baking sourdough bread is super easy and doesn’t require much preparation. Only the dough itself needs some time to rise. So, start early!


You don’t need many ingredients:

Nice, but where do I get the starter from? Back in Hamburg, we managed to snag a good (and very old) starter at a farmers’ market. Sometimes, you can also find one at a (real) bakery. Here in Canada, we were lucky that our neighbors knew someone who knows someone… Many greetings at this point! By the way, the sourdough from the supermarket is usually not a starter; you can only use it for the flavor in a yeast bread. SO: The best way is to simply ask around, Google it, or wait for our follow-up!

Now, here are three simple steps to get your bread:

For the pre-YouTube generation, here’s a written recap:

1. Prepare the Dough!

To turn the ingredients into dough, simply follow these instructions:

2. Refill Your Starter!

Multiplying the starter again is probably the easiest step:

3. Bake Your Bread!