About Birthdays

Nearly three years on the road also means three birthdays on the road. Last week marked Georg's third birthday that we didn't "celebrate" in Germany. In honor of Georg's birthday, let's take a little journey through time...

Georg with his fur hat on the Tiny House porch with one of his birthday cakes.

Oops… it seems like no post appeared last week, or perhaps you didn’t even notice? Almost every Sunday, you can (almost) always look forward to a new post from us…

Last week, Georg celebrated his birthday, the third one he has ‘celebrated’ during our journey. It’s a special occasion that we’d like to dedicate a post to.

About Birthdays

How do you celebrate a special day when every day feels like a birthday?

Georg’s recent birthdays were spent in Spain in 2021 and Greece in 2022, and we didn’t really have a big celebration. Of course, there was cake and a birthday song, but that was usually it. Nevertheless, the past birthdays were always something special. So, let’s take a look back together!


On the coast of Spain, we sought and found a secluded spot by the sea. We spent the day alone, took walks, and discovered a wonderful lagoon for swimming.

In the evening, we received unexpected visits from two Spaniards who wanted to “fish” here. However, fishing turned out to be more of an excuse to meet and enjoy the evening by the campfire. They invited us for beer and freshly grilled Gambas. It became an unforgettable evening, especially because we spoke little Spanish, and they spoke little English. Nevertheless, we could talk with them for hours and had a lot of fun.


Two days before Georg’s birthday, we left Romania because it was getting too wet and cold. So, we set all sails and sailed through Bulgaria directly to Greece, right by the sea.

We landed at Imeros Beach, a beach that looked like there had once been a campsite or something similar there a long time ago. We found a lot of trash and some almost destroyed buildings that were probably toilets and showers in the past.

Nevertheless, it was perfect. We hung the hammock, and of course, there was a homemade birthday cake from our Omnia oven, which we had acquired just a month ago. The sea was still warm enough for us to go swimming.


This time, we didn’t celebrate Georg’s birthday in the van but in our Tiny House. Instead of the beach and sun, we were greeted by the forest and snow.

Unlike the past years, everything was well-planned this time and a bit “louder” than before. Since we have a proper oven in our little house, Jo might have gone a bit overboard and baked three birthday cakes. However, we enjoyed them in good company with our super nice neighbors over a cup of coffee.

As the afternoon went so pleasantly, we decided spontaneously to extend it with a game night, where Settlers of Catan couldn’t be missing.

A very special highlight, however, was attending a Winnipeg Jets hockey game. We had a really cool evening and can truly recommend anyone to attend a hockey game in Canada! So, Georg didn’t just have the full birthday feeling on one day but on two days.